Get your Irish company registered TODAY for the Brexit changes !

Your Irish company registered from €195 plus VAT !

With Brexit already here it is vital to get your business prepared for the changes. Ireland remaining in the EU, whilst being English speaking, means an Irish company or branch is an ideal way to protect your business and plan for the future.

The benefits of an Irish company include:

  • Low corporation Tax Rate of 12.5%
  • Ireland is part of the EU for tariffs
  • English Speaking
  • Favourable Tax Regime
  • Business friendly environment

Our Services

We can solve your problem of having a European company immediately. We are Ireland’s largest company formation provider and can we can provide everything to ensure your EU company registration runs smoothly including:

Your Irish Company can be up and running within ONE DAY ! Call us with any questions or for a quote of what your company will cost, or fill in your email below and we will email you more details:

Fast Track Incorporation

Your company can be set up as a stand alone company (subsidiary) or as a branch, a summary of the differences are outlined below. Our process is simple and quick - give us a call and let our experts see which suits your situation best:

Branch vs Subsidiary
Branch Subsidiary
Extension of parent company Separate Legal Entity
Directors are those of head company Has your Directors appointed separately
No Separate shareholders Has your appointed shareholders
Irish Tax on Irish based profits only Irish Tax on all profits
Needs an Irish authorised agent (can be us) Does not need an authorised agent
Files accounts as a branch Annual filings for that company

Once your company is formed our experts can keep your annual filings up to date for you - give us a call today on +44-203-5826185
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