We have a very efficient Annual Return Preparation Service to help you file your Annual Return in the Companies Registration Office (CRO) on time. Our qualified experts will prepare and file your Annual Return for you correctly and on time, avoiding late filing fees and statutory audit. Our automatic Annual Return Reminder Service informs you of when the Annual Return needs to be filed and our experts complete it for you.

How it works:

  1. Complete the simple online form below for your first annual return
  2. We e-mail you back your electronic Annual Return
  3. You print the document we e-mail you, sign where indicated, and post to the Companies Office address on the printed documents… and you are finished for another year!.

Please note it is important to file this document in advance of the Annual Return Date to avoid Late Filing Fees and penalties imposed by the Companies Office.



    Name and PPS / VIF number for each company Director:

    I hereby confirm there are no changes to the Company Details since incorporation:

    If there are changes to the company details since incorporation, please detail them here and a company representative will be in contact with a quotation for the additional documents to be filed.


    Payment details: €105.69 plus VAT (€130.00 Including VAT)

    plus €20.00 filing fees, Total €150.00 for the first annual return.

    I hereby authorise you to charge my card for € 150.00:

    Please call us if you have not received the Annual Return by e-mail within 24 hours. Some e-mail addresses may need the Spam Filter turned off.