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There are restrictions on your choice of company name

The most important one being that it must not be taken by any other company. We recommend you call us and let us do an immediate name check for you using our Company Name Check System – this will speed up the process and our experienced company formation experts can verify the name immediately for you.
Please feel free to read our guide to Company Name Restrictions below but we recommend to call us and WE WILL CHECK THE NAME FOR YOU FREE OF CHARGE !

A name can be refused if:

  1. It is identical to or too similar to a name already appearing on the register of companies;
  2. It is offensive;
  3. It would suggest state sponsorship.

It is generally recommended that company names include extra words so as to create a sufficient distinction between names.

Certain words and their abbreviations together with accents and punctuation marks are not sufficient to distinguish between company names.Examples of such words include the definite article and the words “company “,”co “,”corporation “,”and “,”&”,”service “,”services “,”limited “, etc.

Place names are not considered to be a sufficient distinction between company names e.g Ireland, Dublin,West,etc.

Similar descriptive elements e.g. staff/employment agency,or the inclusion of only a general or weak qualification such as “holding “,”group “,”system “,”services “,”international “,etc.may not be regarded as a sufficient distinction between company names.

Particular care should be taken with names considered to have a distinctive element i.e.names consisting primarily of made-up words or non-dictionary words.The inclusion of qualifying words may not be sufficient to create a distinction between company names.

Names which are phonetically and/or visually similar will be refused.This includes names where there is a slight variation in the spelling and the variation does not make a significant difference between the names.

A number on its own will not be accepted as a sufficient distinguishing mark,unless the company concerned is part of the same group. The following restrictions also apply to company names:

Names containing certain words cannot be used unless approved by relevant bodies.These include the words “bank “,”banc “,”banking “,”banker “, “insurance “,”re-insurance “and “assurance “, “society “,”co-op “or “co-operative “, “University “.

If a name includes words which imply specific functions e.g.”holding “,”group “,etc.,further information may be required by the CRO to support the application.

You are advised not to incur expenses relating to the proposed name (e.g.preparing signs, headed notepaper, stationery, etc.) in advance of receipt of the certificate of incorporation that will confirm that the company has been registered with the chosen name.

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