Registering for tax has implications for your business! As part of the process when we are forming your company, our experts will let you know which types of tax you have to apply for (depending on your circumstances), and those you do not have to apply for.

Tax Registration for many businesses consists of registering for:

VAT ( Value Added Tax): VAT may (or may not) be a requirement for your business. If the business is registered for VAT then it can generally cliam back the VAT on the costs it has incurred but it also needs to charge VAT on the products it is selling – in some instances it can be often better not to register but this is only in certain circumstances. Our experts will go through your requirements before your tax registration and ensure your registration details are specific to your particular circumstances.

Intra-EU: Customers intending to trade (Supply/Acquire Goods or Services from any EU member state) with businesses elsewhere in the EU should apply for ‘Intra-EU’ status, which will enable them to make zero-rated intra-Community acquisitions. Having an ‘Intra- EU’ status will also cause the customer to be registered automatically for VIES reporting obligations. (Customers are obliged to make a VIES return when they make a zero-rated supply to a trader in another EU member state.)

Corporation Tax: Most companies need to register for Corporation Tax – Corporation Tax is required for most Irish resident companies. Corporation Tax profits are charged on the profit of the company for the year, after allowable expenses have been discussed. The standard rate of Corporation Tax in Ireland is 12.5%.

PAYE: If the business is going to pay staff a salary (including paying the Directors) then it needs to register as an employer (subject to certain restrictions)

Just complete our order form below, and our experts will call you back for a consultation, assess the company’s tax needs, and which taxes it should register for, and we complete the Tax Registration Documentation for Corporation Tax, Domestic Irish VAT, and PAYE for you at the cost of €125 plus VAT.

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